Fishy Dino

Saw this peculiar display at one of the cart shops in Makhota Parade...

First, I thought it must be some kind of deco item or herbal medicine, but the sales assistant said it was fish-ball snack!


Information - glut or organization?

An oft discussed subject, which intrigues me!

Information glut is the term we often come across in this Internet era. There is yet another group that complains that the lack of information is the main reason for not performing their tasks. Though this sounds highly contradictory, the cause for this should be examined carefully.

Advent of net has led to the availability of abundant information, which is not necessarily organized and it has become information glut. This disorganized content or rather information is not visible to the user in time of need. So it becomes very important for the organizations to implement a high level of information organization.

Is it worth to invest in information organization?

Naturally, to many of the small organizations this would sound as a improper measure. Information management means time, money and at the same time improving efficiency and effectiveness of the employees. The key behind organizing information is to build a knowledge base for the organization, which would not only help the current team but also for the future members of the organization to decide on a right course with confidence.

During the early stages of a project there would be few brain-storming sessions where lot of ideas are left unrecorded. At that moment, those ideas might sound far fetched or would be considered as not feasible due to certain limitations like time or money. When an organization has a right type of information organization system, every small idea could be recorded and stored for future use. This would come in handy, during the course of a project itself or for some other project. For instance, when there is a bottleneck in the project, you might have to revisit the ideas or scope of the project. In these situations, organized information would come be handy. Either the existing content would shed some light or they can even trigger you to come up with suitable solution.

Organized information becomes an asset, else it becomes chaotic and inaccessible.


Kecil Udang

Usually, I have seen road side vendors selling fish, crab and mussels, on the way to Pantai Klebang and Pantai Puteri. But, few days ago I saw something that resembled worms!

First time I was not sure what it was, but my daughter said it looked like shrimps...Next day, I stopped at the stall and asked the seller what it was, in my broken Malay. Yes, my daughter was correct, he said that it was kecil udang, which means baby shrimps.

I came to know that they don't have to purposely go and catch it, instead during June/July, these baby shrimps get stuck in the fishing net.

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