Kecil Udang

Usually, I have seen road side vendors selling fish, crab and mussels, on the way to Pantai Klebang and Pantai Puteri. But, few days ago I saw something that resembled worms!

First time I was not sure what it was, but my daughter said it looked like shrimps...Next day, I stopped at the stall and asked the seller what it was, in my broken Malay. Yes, my daughter was correct, he said that it was kecil udang, which means baby shrimps.

I came to know that they don't have to purposely go and catch it, instead during June/July, these baby shrimps get stuck in the fishing net.


haan said...

the right way to say should be Udang Kecil. noun first, followed by adjective :)

VaishVijay said...

tq dear for correcting:)

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