Gallantry at it's Best!

Yesterday, on the way back from school I was stuck at every traffic light. I was extremely irritated when a car in front of me slowed down for yellow, then zoomed I was stuck as the first car at a round about traffic light. To add fuel to my bad mood, a two-wheeler whizzed past and stood in front blocking my car.

Suddenly, the biker got down from his bike. For a moment, I was scared that he might come and break my windows to loot (effect of n number of forwarded mails that explains about traffic light thefts!). Instead, he sprinted towards the round-about, bent down and picked up something lying on the road. Then he rushed towards the side of the road and threw that object in a trash, it was a trowel. What a character! How thoughtful of him to remove the trowel that could have damaged any vehicle's tire. Now, I felt guilty for mistaking that gallant man for a petty thief! I couldn't see his face, but still I managed to capture his side-view on my mobile.

Kudos to him!

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