Sinful Delicacies

Today there is joman at my mom's house in my home town and I miss it:( Joman is a Sourashtra (my mother tongue) term for feast/get-together/party and anything that involves relatives and food:) Though I can't enjoy today's goodies, I can at least satisfy myself by looking at the photos that I took at a friend's birthday party. As expected in any Indian (specifically Indians from India) gatherings, food was from Indian restaurant, that too my favorite Sri Kaveri restaurant.


As in Indian tradition, desserts were served first. Laddu, more than double the size of meat ball, this was fresh and succulent.


Whenever I eat Pringles or Lays, I feel some bad taste or rather dry sensation after eating. But, these hand cooked potato chips were excellent that too garnished with salt, pepper and curry leaves, it was divine.


Here in Malaysia, curry puff is common and Samosa is its original cousin from India:) This samosa had the traditional spicy potato filling.

Laddu, varuval and samosa, are the starters and needless to say they are loaded with my enemy, aka, CALORIES! Well, since they are my enemies, I attacked them with a vengeance^^

Vegetable Biriyani

The main course, vegetable biriyani...

Onion Raitha

Traditional side dish - onion raitha, (onion salad in yogurt). There was vegetable kurma for vegetarians like me. But for the rest, chicken was served.

Chicken Masala

The best part in this shot is my reflection on the ladle:)

Chicken 65

Chicken 65, no one knows the real reason for this naming convention, but it is supposed to be a deep fried boneless chicken marinated with spices and yogurt.

Though I cringe at these non-veg dishes, I snapped these because of the vibrant color.


After eating the sweet, spicy, sour and oily stuff, water melon was very soothing. Thanks Kavitha!


Milton said...

Thanks for visiting! I loved the dishes.
Thanks! I'm following him!

Siddhartha Joshi said...

sinful indeed...lovely pictures :)

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