Camp Site @ El Sanctuary, Lendu

Always I look forward to different experiences. This time I had a chance to visit El Sanctuary, a camp site in Lendu, which is about 30 minutes drive from Melaka, Malaysia.

MES, my kid's school had arranged for a camp. The dates clashed with my daughter's classical dance performance and our long holiday. I just took my kid for a short visit as she was keen to get a feel of what her friends do in the camp. While she was with her friends, I was busy with my camera, devouring the beauty of the place!

Miniscule sign board that can be missed very easily!

Bukit Hantu in Malay means Ghost Hill! With hesitation, I drove in to that obscure lane...

Reality is even more picturesque!


Ready for a camp fire - Dorms in the background 

Chalets - around 7 persons can comfortably stay

I feel that the Sepia finish enhances the beauty!

Well, I need to do another post to share floral pics that I took at this place!

Pevensey Castle - Photos the Archives

While visiting a friend in Eastbourne, Essex, UK, she was kind enough to take me to Pevensey Castle, which was about 20 minutes drive from her house. Thanks to her generosity:) As usual, I was excited to visit a place of historical importance. It is said that the Pevensey castle was originally built by the early Roman settlements in the Southern Coast around 3rd century AD. Additions and modifications should have been done, however there is no documentary evidence of this castle after the Roman empire, until 1066!

A 12th century chronicle says,

Pevensey is a castle rising on a very lofty mound, fortified on every side by a most beautiful wall, fenced impregnably by the washing waves of the sea, almost inaccessible owing to the difficulty of the ground.

Here is a sketch of the castle in its heyday and its pitiable current state

It is very sad to see just the remains of this lofty castle...

View from afar


Side view

Gate House built in 1200AD

Remains - For SOOC

Foundation stones of the Chapel and remains of the font in the nave


Pool by the Beach

Every Friday, we go to the Malacca Club for my daughter's badminton class. It has a good sports complex with tennis, table tennis and badminton courts, gym and a lovely swimming pool by the beach!

The sky was overcast, but still I love the blues in these shots:)

Pool by the beach

Shallow pool in the foreground

Lap pool in the background

Skies - from the archives

Beachyhead beach - Sussex, UK

Beach view from USM, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysian Borneo

Night shot from my corridor - Melaka, Malaysia
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