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My all time favorite activity - wild goose chase, this time did it with my daughter. In fact she was the one who proposed it, after an unsatisfied lunch outing. Her first question was, 'you don't have the GPS with you now, anyways do you think we could go for a long drive to somewhere new?' for which I said, 'thatz the fun part, letz go'. Without target, we started our trip on a road that I have seldom driven. After about 20 KM we saw a signboard, 'Anjung Jetty'. I've been there once to check out the boat timings to Pulau Besar, but by then I had used GPS. I thought, I might be able to find the route, but we ended up in a small fishermen jetty instead!
Unknown Jetty in a small fishing village near Melaka

Few young chaps were lazing around, and we were uncomfortable to get down and ask for directions...better to be safe than regrets, right? So, we just made a u-turn from there and within few mts, we saw this...
Monkey pet!?

It was a very narrow road and I didn't realize that I was blocking the way until an old man slowed down in front of us and tried to cross us. It gave me a chance to wind down the car window and ask for directions. We were in for luck, he told that we were about 1 KM away from Anjung jetty, if we took that unkempt road ahead of us. He added that he was on the way to that place and we could just follow him.

After driving for about a minute, the road was getting worst, but the scenery was breath taking, no-mans land on one side and beautiful sea on the other side. I couldn't enjoy the view, I was a bit apprehensive and wondered if I had made the right decision by following a stranger. What if something terrible happens, like a flat tire or someone stops us midway with a knife etc..My daughter too voiced out similar concerns. But then, we calmed ourselves by telling that we would NOT open the door or STOP the car until we reached civilization.
That 5 mins of nerve-wracking drive felt like we were driving forever. We reached the jetty safely and parked the car to get down for some fresh air and clicked these shots...
SOOC and Shadow Shot Sunday2

Scenic Sunday

Going on an unplanned long drive is always fun and at times a bit of tension as well, but that adds up the thrill!


Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain

Princess Diana Memorial Fountain is in the banks of the beautiful Serpentine lake, in Hyde Park.

Serpentine Lake, Hyde Park, London Sky Watch

When I first heard about this memorial, I was expecting a fancy jet type fountain that rhythmically dances, something like musical fountains.

View of the fountain from the entrance

I was a bit disappointed to see this flat flowing fountain. On second thoughts, I was convinced that this quite affair is a befitting memorial for the graceful princess and suitable place for peaceful relaxation. The signboard also declared this memorial as a place for 'quite enjoyment'.

Kids and adults were happily dipping their feet in that granite fountain!

We had good time, but one part of me was constantly thinking of that sweet Lady, who captured millions of hearts, and the tragic accident.


L' Escargot

During a photo shoot trip, pink stuff in between the rocks in the lake attracted us. At first we thought that someone might have spit chewing gums. But as we walked further, we found more of these by the lake side plants!

Intrigued, but hesitant to touch as it might be itchy, we explored further...

Reproducing! Shadow Shot Sunday 2

Ah hem...we found him...happily laying eggs by the hundreds!!!

It was hard to believe that this earthen colored escargots can reproduce colorfully! Salute to the nature!

On a different note, here are the popular escargots of Melaka...


This is the name board of an authentic UNESCO heritage building (converted as boutique hotel) in Heerun Street, Melaka.

Edible Escargot!

The above shot is my favorite delicacy at Patisfrance, a popular pastry/cafe in town! The rich sour bread is swirled with cranberries and walnuts! I just assumed it to be a french name, period. Recently, in my French class, we came across the word 'escargot' and realized that this delicious pastry was named after snail, as it was supposed to be a look alike!

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