Gadek Hot Spring

Air Panas (Hot Spring in Malay)Gadek is in Alor Gaja, which is about 40km from where I live in Melaka, Malaysia. We have been there few times but only during the 1st time I took some pics, which was before I bought my DSLR. However, the pic quality is sort of OK, so decided to dust this old post which has been siting in 'drafts' for almost 2 years!
After a fun filled tiring day at Pengkalan Balak beach, we headed towards the hot spring so that we could rejuvenate our tired feet.

The atmosphere was warm and sticky because of the heat from the spring.

Shadow on Natural Spring! - SSS2

It had a pungent odor, because of the rich minerals oozing in that geothermal zone.

Natural Spring

Here is a close-up shot.

Close up - Natural Spring - Texture Thursday

First, this water is passed to a huge tunnel like tank for filtering caustic substance.

Purified thermal water from the natural springs
The purified water is still piping hot and is sent to several tanks.

Mini tanks - meant for dipping the feet

Large pool type tanks

In the large pools you can either soak yourself or for those who dare, you could even swim! This place is open 24 hours, but people come in droves after 9PM, that too on weekends.


Gary said...

Great tour. I'd like to put my feet in one of those tanks. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

Emille said...

The view with the tiny red patches is awesome! Thanks for sharing! Can tell you had a good time there:) Have a great weekend!

Indrani said...

Great place. Nature's baths most tempting.

Jim said...

Great shots.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

NatureFootstep said...

interesting post. I love hot springs. :)

Gemma Wiseman said...

I have never tried a hot spring even though I have a number of them on my Mornington Peninsula! But they're on my "one day when I'm richer" list! A great series of photos!

Kelly said...

What fascinating photos!! We have a National Park with hot springs in my home state of Arkansas. I've never visited any of the bath houses, though.

chubskulit said...

I love the close up shot of the natural Spring.

Shadow Shots I have, come and see.

Linda said...

I went to a mineral spring here in the US...very interesting! Loved that photo with the red in it!

Rajesh said...

This is fantastic. I think there is similar hot spring near Bhubaneshwar, India.

jewaicious said...

What great photos, and very soothing to look at. Lovely.

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