Tokong Ular or Snake Temple - Penang, Malaysia

Compared to the colorful Pagoda of Penang, Snake Temple, which is locally called as Tokong Ular in Malay, is quite small. But, it is significant because it is one of the two live snake temples in the World!

Legend says that the main deity Char Choo was a renowned 13th century Buddhist priest and healer, who used to give shelter to the snakes.

Main Alter

When this temple was built around 1850, the pit vipers from the nearby jungle moved in this temple.

Pit Vipers

Bronze figurines

Prayer candles

There is also a local belief that the venomous pit vipers in this temple become harmless due to the aroma of the incense sticks burned here. But, there is a sign board to warn us against this belief.

Now, this temple looks touristy with typical attraction where you could take a picture with a pit viper dangling around your neck.


lorik said...

Interesting images. I really like the last one-even though it is a bit scary! the colours and textures are beautiful. You might like to join in on Mandarin Orange Monday too:)

Anonymous said...

I like snakes as long as they keep their distance from me.

Fun60 said...

I don't mind snakes but I don't think I would like to get up close and personal with a pit viper!

Gary said...

Great tour!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

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