Tambok Bugis and Perigi Portugis

In yet another blind driving spree from Melaka towards Muar, we followed a new route through kampungs (villages) and came across quite a different view!

Larger than life sized bicycles mounted on poles!

From the sign board, we knew that we were in Tambok Bugis. The whole area was deserted hence we couldn't get the story behind this fascinating display. As it was a coastal area, we started looking for a jetty and turned in a small lorong (lane) and we ended up in front of this...

Edible Bird's Nests

Perhaps, this must be a cottage industry that specializes in selling bird's nests, which is used in preparing a popular local delicacy 'Bird's nest Soup'. After several attempts in finding the shop keeper or car taker, we gave up and moved on. That entire stretch looked like abandoned area.

Driving further towards Muar/Merlimau, the sign board 'Perigi Portugis' attracted us. Perigi in Malay is well/water spring, so we assumed that the Portuguese Well must have some historical significance and decided to check out that spot.

Entrance to Perigi Portugis and the inlaid picture is the long shot of the well

The description at the site claimed that this water hole was dug by the Portuguese army stationed there (Pengkalan Samak) while defending the Bugis community, who were well known sea warriors originally from Java and Sumatra. It should have been built in the early 16th century when the Portuguese invaded Melaka.

Close-up view of the well - Weekend Reflections

We wondered if we were warriors or explorers in previous births as often we were ending up in early settlements or war zones!

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