Biking - Back to Nature

Cycling was the most cherished outdoor activity of my childhood. Outdoor, literally means out of the house door and on the road, but not in a natural surrounding! Those were the carefree days when I used to roam around the streets of my hometown during afternoons, that too without my dad's knowledge. The minute he finds out that am on roads, I would be grounded :(

Of late, the most enjoyable activity, was driving and exploring offbeat beaches and villages. But, during my last visit to Melaka my friends suggested that I could borrow a friend's cycle and join them for a ride in the neighborhood kampung (village in Malay). At that time I never knew what exactly was a bike ride. But, the passion to explore the unknown urged me to accept the offer, and I agreed to join them. When my friend commented that we take the simple route, it still didn't give me clue as to the distance or nature of the ride. I was in for a world of new and exciting experience.
Loaded for the ride! 

With great enthusiasm I packed my DSLR and the additional 70-300 mm lens too and assumed that the weight of the camera wouldn't matter, how naive of me!

After less than a KM in the kampung, we were trying to find the right direction to reach the river side and then frog farm, but we were lost in the fields.
Sky Watch

So we stopped by a traditional wooden Rumah Melayu (Malay house) to ask for directions.

As we went deeper, there was no road, we were riding in muddy paths and came by a river side and we were in for luck to see a stock of Storks!
Migratory Storks in transit!

Before I could think loud, my friend suggested that she clap so that I could catch them in flight!

By now, I started feeling the weight of my camera and requested my friend to carry it for me. After this, we came across a fenced building in the middle of nowhere...
Bird house

And we heard loud recorded chirps! I was told that this place was meant for birds to nest and that music was to attract them!!! Bird's nest is an expensive delicacy in Chinese cuisine. I can't begin to imagine why would people want to even destroy the nests:(
Within few meters was the frog farm, they are reared for food. Yes, frog is another Cantonese delicacy and frog leg soup is quiet popular! Well seeing them in large number in various stages of growth was something new and it was a feast for my camera:D

Halfway from Tadpole to frog!
Babies (Shadow Shot Sunday)


Until I captured the above closeup, I never considered a frog to be a beauty!

After this, we headed deeper in the woods and stopped by a moderate hill. Now, my friend told that I could take my time and walk up the hill, while they ride up! I tried to test my limits..tripped and fell off the bike. But, I was giggling instead of getting shocked, I was totally carried away with the adventure. Well, except for minor bruises I was fine, so we went further to Pineapple farm and then rode through oil palm plantations...

Oil-palm plantation (SOOC)

On the way, we ran out of water supply, so we drove through village and stopped at a petty shop. Oh boy, I was so glad to see 100plus and just gulped it with greed. When we finished our ride, my friend checked her speed indicator and announced that we just completed 19KM ride and almost my jaw dropped at that!
If I was told about the distance before the ride, I'd have chickened out. Thank my lucky stars, and friends' patience, I did it!!! In fact, throughout the journey I had a silly grin like a child on a treasure hunt! Certainly, it is one of the most memorable trips.


Indrani said...

These are incredible! So many toads!

The Write Girl said...

What a great trail you blazed into nature and I love the shots of all the animals you met along the way. The storks are beautiful.

Rajesh said...

Great shots. I had not seen so many toads all in one place.

Yoshi said...

Great journey with beautiful photos. I like frogs, too - taking photos and EATING!
Have a wonderful day.

DeniseinVA said...

A wonderful post and I have never seen a frog between tadpole and frog. The photo was fascinating and all your photos were great. Thank you!

Diane AZ said...

What a wonderful bike ride, so many interesting sights. I especially enjoyed seeing the frogs. :)

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Wow, what an adventure. I love open ended trips like your. I admire your pioneering spirit. Thank you for sharing.

Pat said...

Love those frog shots!

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