Scenes on Road - Cameron Highlands

Drive to Fraser Hills in Malaysia, encouraged me to plan for Cameron Highlands, which was farther away and higher in altitude. In the last trip, I didn't get a chance to stop on the road to take pictures, and this time round, I wanted to fulfill that wish. When I drive, my better half constantly drives me crazy by acting as a back seat driver! And, he would never let me stop on lonely roads. So, my daughter and I tricked him into sitting in the backseat, as soon as we touched the hill road. See our first stop!

Pleasant weather and mist covered hills and lonely road was divine. At the first and next stops my partner was upset because we were taking risks by stopping at lonely spots, but then he gave up on us:D  

Though the above muddy track was very much inviting, we controlled our urge as we didn't want to push my partner's red button.
Vegetable plantations
No one was around these plantations and the entrance was locked, so we could not get in and check out.

It looked like a balance, suspended in a pulley that was connected across a gorge. My assumption is that, it should be used in carrying things! 
Strawberry and tea plantations are the signature attractions of Cameron highlands. Bharat Plantation was on the way to Tanah Rata. 
The green blanketed tea estates
Tanah Rata - largest town in Cameron 
Cameron Highlands has three towns, the lowest being Ringlet, followed by Thana Ratha, which is the largest (where we planned to stay) and Brinchang being the highest.

The golf course on the way to Brinchang is a site to cherish.

There are many strawberry farms on the way to Brinchang and most of them allow visitors to hand pick the berries. But, this monument in between Ringlet and Tanah Rata is a sight that should not be missed.

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