Heeren Street

Heeren Street, is synonymous with museums and rich Malaccan heritage. To, me it is one of the most attractive haunts in Melaka, as I've spent time with friends for photoshoot and just lazing around. It has never failed to bring a sense of calm awesomeness.

Model of yesteryear Heeren street - SSS
This street boasts archaic double-story buildings, which predominantly was built on Dutch influenced architecture! Malaqa Musem is a good place to go and explore the fine details and view yesteryear arts and artifacts.
Malaqa House

Baboon House is another must place in Heeren street. They serve juicy burgers and nonya delights. Its not just their food, the archaic ambience, its unique garden and the love for arts is a heady mixture in which one could soak up and laze around unwind with friends. Here are some shots of this paradise...
Artistic Interior

The garden is, how to say, am lost for words...Even if you are alone there is something for you at Baboon House
Enter the Garden

The Baboon Paradise!

Then there are bird houses, which I didn't get a chance to visit...
Bird House

One cannot miss to notice the circular opening that separates the buildings...

In short Heeruen street subtly boasts the rich past!

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