Can webtop replace desktop?

Excerpt from The future of desktop (link for this article is given at the end of this post):

Most other features of the future desktop will be commodities - but intelligence will still be difficult to provide, and so it will be the last remaining frontier in which competing Webtop providers will be able to differentiate their offerings.

Again am reminded of my favorite quote "Artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity"! Reason = when we dont know how to use something, no matter how advanced the technology is, it becomes useless!

Will webtop replace desktop?

When we are still new to web 2.0, the media is full of talks about web 3.0, where a lot of discussion is going on the concept of webtop.

My understanding on these two items:

Desktop refers to the data stored on a computer, locally. For e.g., all the data stored in your C or D drives of your computer are considered as your desktop items.

Webtop refers to the data stored on the web under unique user ID!

Now, the hype about
the webtop is that all your data is mobile and can be accessed from anywhere like your mails.

And the feature that irks me most is that when my information is stored in two different IDs, am I supposed to log in to two different IDs and then access information? In these situations, am I access ing multiple webtops?

But, I like the google desktop, which allows me to do stuff on my local as well as on the web. Anyway, I like this kind of hybrid "deskwebtop "!?

Will follow and see how the webtop concept emerges.

Your two cents on this concept, please?

The future of desktop

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