Difficulties of being a vegetarian

Difficult? Not because of being vegetarian, but for trying to explain why I am:)

Whenever there is a talk on food, be it with family and friends or colleagues, always there comes a question, what are you going to have? Of course, good food! Then, a volley of questions and surprised expressions are thrown. Here goes my answer for those:

Hey, aren't you bored with eating veggie?
No at all:)

Veggie, aik cattle food!
Thatz your view, and I can't help you!

You are missing the delicacies!!!
No thanks. I can't consider dead carcass as delicacy. My attitude!?

Don't you get bored with eating just veggie? You don't have any variety, right?
Poor you, for not knowing the veggie dish varieties:)

Must be difficult for you!
Yes. Difficult to answer, and not to have vegetarian diet:)

First time, when I saw skinned chicken laid on the butcher's table, somehow I was reminded of a newborn baby and when I told this to my kid, even she refused to eat chicken for a while!


Reno said...

Dead carcass is delicacy. You can also prefer it alive. Eg. Sushi or sashimi (raw fish meat). hehe. :P

You just reminds i used to order dishes in vege shop. A wan-tan mee without vege, pls~

VaishVijay said...

hey, its not "alive", yr Sushi or sashimi is just uncooked, but still dead carcas:p

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