More feathers added to my wizard's hat!

Lack of resources and time constraints I've been asked to do the requirements for some of the CRM related stuff. My first feather after a long time!

At first I was hesitant to take up the business related research. But then on the documentation front the approach is not firmed and it looks like it might be dragging, so this research comes as a relief.

I remembered an Indian proverb and its translation is "Laugh when misery hits". Practically am doing it now:p

Then comes the next feather in two days!! Then comes the next assignment, which is to do the global changes in the XML GUI definition files!! Well, now I'll be learning more on XMLs. This is a great opportunity too. See now, I'm so matured and think positive:):)

1 comment:

Reno said...

After looking at new company's product, i realize the earlier company's product was very good and deserve 5-star award from CPA Review, many, many, many years ago, except the usability. Remember last time my IT support said, "If technical ppl has business sense, then we all, BA, will all out of jobs." :P

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