Why do I blog?

How often have I argued with my friends about the concept of blogging?

AT times I've been critical about people who write day to day
activities. For a while these type of blogs are interesting to read, something like sneaking into other person's personal dairy! Once you know the pattern of these blogs the interest to read such posts starts waning!

Instead of creating yet another journal, here, I will blog on topics that capture's my fancy:) The first one is:

To blog or not to blog

Though am a writer by profession with a lot of passion, am not yet an ardent blogger. Recently I've been pondering as to why do a lot of us blog.

Some professionals, that I've noticed use their blogs to present their views on new trends, tools, ideas, issues etc., They also share useful resources in their blogs. These bloggers are usually followed their own community.

Noticed that some of the professionals, especially where written communication plays a key role, use blog to build a portfolio, which would help them to move forward.

The most intriguing part is to find the reasons behind the tendency of non-professional bloggers! Then I tried to come up with few reasons which I'd like to keep track and see how it shapes up.
  • Tendency to pour out ones feelings
  • No time to meet up friends and folks personally, so use it to keep abreast
  • Just use it like a daily log book
  • Sense of achievement
  • Satisfaction that comes from airing out opinions
Especially, with Gen nexters blogging everything that happens to them and around them. Sometimes this tendency is like interfering in a third person's privacy. It's alright to mention or quote another person's personal stuff as long as they don't mind...but am wondering, if this is the case always?


haan said...

i started off with point 2 - to keep in touch with friends and family. i'm scared of answering the question "how are u?". i dunno where to start talking about myself :)

Reno said...

And Point 6, to make money. :P
Planning to start a blog, but i know i won't have the consistency to continue writing. So, the plan still a plan now. :P

VaishVijay said... are procrastinating!

Who says that you got to be consistent when you blog?

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