Replica of a Ship - Malacca Maritime Museum

Playing tourist in the town where I live (Malacca, Malaysia) is one of our favorite activities during my daughter's school holidays. This time we went to the Melaka Maritime Museum.

Malacca Maritime Museum

The museum is housed in a replica of an old Portuguese Ship, known as Nau. Nau is a 16th/17th century ship that was used for trading and warfare. This museum showcases paintings and other artifacts that represents maritime history of Melaka from 14th to 20th century.

King welcoming overseas Islamic Missionaries

Traders selling spices - Era of the Melaka Sultanate

Trade Route - taken by Magellan

Pulau Besar - Wu Shu Island near Malacca - Chinese travelers used this island for filling water and food

Foreign traders at Melaka Port

Fight with the Siamese army

Portuguese Ships

Foreign Invasion

Model of a British Ship

Confinement or Prison in a Nau

Melaka Port during 19th Century - Sumatran and local ships

Besides scanty descriptions along each painting, not much information was available. It has been my long time dream to work as a volunteer in a museum, be it in documenting or guiding the visitor. So, I wanted to meet the curator or any other responsible person to get info regarding this. Unfortunately, there was no one, except for the security guards! Tried to find info online without any success. Planning to visit the other museums and try to get info, hopefully.


Mona Sweden said...

Thank you for a very interesting tour at the museum! Great photos. Love the first one. The ship looks very spooky.

Maria @ LSS said...

Wonderful shots! Happy RT!

Mine's here.

Anonymous said...

Very cool! Thanks for sharing. Happy WW!

The Write Girl said...

Beautiful sky shots and I enjoyed the art. You should certainly pursue and try to volunteer. You are a natural!

Pretty Life Online said...

cool post for skywatch... Happy TGIF and have a great weekend. Hoping you can visit @ my little corner.

Chubskulit Rose said...


Sunset at my side.

Unknown said...

Great post!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

Tom said...

Hi all,

We have just completed a new post about the Melaka Maritime Museum!

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